Avery Singer’s Acrylic Paintings Use Digitally Crafted Underdrawings

by Andy SmithPosted on

Avery Singer’s acrylic paintings blend abstract and figurative sensibilities, with a process that’s just as diverse. Her underdrawing is crafted using 3D software, and then, the artist applies the traditional material over that framework. In the past, much of her work has been grayscaled, though her recent experimentations with color offer new life to this style.

“How artworks are made, how artists are ‘made,’ and the interaction between artists, curators, and institutions are themes commonly portrayed in images that are predominantly flat, rendered in grayscale, and inhabited by bodies translated through the signature style of Google’s SketchUp software and other digital tools,” Hammer Projects says. “Singer creates pictures that are iconographically complex, culled from Internet image searches based in genres and trends inherited from the history of art.”

See more of Singer’s work below.

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