Katja Novitskova’s Immersive ‘Invasion Curves’ Installation

by Andy SmithPosted on

In Katja Novitskova‘s recent, massive installation, “Invasion Curves,” the artist offers an environment with creatures taken straight out of nature and the laboratory. The recent exhibition at Whitechapel Gallery offered a fictional landscape facing a “biotic crisis” (or a period of mass extinction), “where imaging and technology are used in a process of mapping the exploitation of life,” the gallery says.

“Images captured by scanners, cameras and satellites – from the bodies of lab organisms to the flows generated by image processing algorithms – are rendered as vivid sculptures, and projections,” a statement says. “Worms defy gravity and genetically modified life forms hatch from eggs among a tangled undergrowth of cables. At the heart of the exhibition, modified baby rockers gyrate eerily.”

See more work from the artist below.

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