Tony Pro’s Pop Culture Portraits

by Andy SmithPosted on

Tony Pro’s figurative work ranges from classical to reflections on pop culture, with the latter offering a look into the painter’s sharp humor. Series like “Sarcasm” take contemporary figures and recontextualizes them both with elegance and in parody. A bio cites his schooling at California State University, Northridge and studying under Glen Orbik has pivotal in the formation of his practice.

“It was at this time that he learned the value of academic figure drawing and the importance of applying these strict study principles to his craft,” a bio says. “With this methodology, Tony became an exemplary, self-trained painter. Pro embraces romanticism in painting which places the feelings of the artist above all. Whether it be through his figures, portraits, still-life or landscapes, he paints life seen through his own eyes.”

See more of the artist’s work below.

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