David Jien’s Recent Futuristic Visions

by Andy SmithPosted on

David Jien’s recent work blends both futuristic and fantastical visions, with the artist’s usual eye for detail. While his creatures may recall sci-fi storybooks, there’s humorous and disconcerting notes hidden in the corners.

“Existential adventures, home-grown folklore or morphed geometrical imaginings, David Jien’s exquisite works on paper captivate the viewer with their peculiar narratives and impeccable detail,” a recent statement says. “Born in Los Angeles, Jien spent many years bending, melting and transforming letter forms on the city’s walls as part of the D2R graffiti crew before completing a BFA in Illustration at the Art Center College of Design in 2009.”

See more of Jien’s recent work below.

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