Chuck Sperry Receives First Solo Museum Exhibition

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In his first solo museum exhibition, Chuck Sperry offers an array of his pop-infused, post-modernist works. “All Access: Exploring Humanism in the Art of Chuck Sperry” opens on Sept. 14 at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art. Running alongside this exhibition is “Litmus Test: Works on Paper from the Psychedelic Era,” a survey of Wes Wilson, Victor Moscoso, and others, with blotter sheets from Sperry, Mark Mothersbaugh, H.R. Giger, and more.

“Sperry has drawn inspiration for this work from the classical Greco-Roman idea of the muses, and their metaphorical home on Mount Helikon — the source of inspiration for all things art and music,” the museum says. “Naiads, nymphs and muses in their richly patterned floral settings make their way into Sperry’s work. Dripping with brightly colored flowers, decked in gold and silver textures, Sperry’s blue-silver muses sing a paean to the long tradition of humanism reactivated in the struggle for social progress, universal human rights, a more perfect democracy and the utopian ideals of the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood of San Francisco where Sperry has made his home since 1989.”

See more work from Sperry below.

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“Chthoneon, The Art of Chuck Sperry” delves boldly into Sperry’s artistic imagination, inspiration and reasoning, continuing where it’s companion book “Helikon, The Muses of Chuck Sperry” left off. “Chthoneon” collects 22 gorgeously photographed new Sperry screen printed art works paired with the prose or poem — from Aristophanes to Margaret Atwood — that inspired each. Indeed, dozens of Sperry’s newest art pieces are presented across 136 pages, “Chthoneon” is overflowing with evocative and inspiring new work from one of America’s most popular, outspoken and important contemporary artists. The reader is offered fresh insight with an extensive interview of Sperry by Spoke Art Gallery curator Dasha Matsuura — first published in Juxtapoz — beautifully illustrated with dozens of Shaun Roberts photos to create an intimate portrait of the artist at work. Chuck Sperry’s newest book “Chthoneon” celebrates the divine feminine and the regenerative power of nature, gathering together work shown in his first museum solo exhibition “All Access” at Fort Wayne Museum of Art. Forward by museum Curator of Contemporary Art, Josef Zimmerman: “Chuck Sperry sees into a world that is unknown to most.” Photo: Shaun Roberts

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"Chuck managed to decipher the capacity of representation and the possibilities of the particular technique of this tapestry workshop. He observed the textures and colors of the tapestries. The colors, in textiles of the kind, are tactile: it is wool and metallic thread, each color consists of three strands of different shades. I imagine that Chuck must have made an association with the textures achieved in screen printing when it is also combined with acrylic paint and mineral pigments, for example. He talked about the depth of colors, about transparencies, that there is no absolute solid colors, and that there is always a kind of unexpected alchemy taking place.” I’m very proud of my collaboration with the textile artists of Taller Mexicano de Gobelinos – who share their thoughts in my new art book “Chthoneon” Join us in September to have a look! All Access: Exploring Humanism in the Art of Chuck Sperry September 15 – December 9, 2018 The Fort Wayne Museum of Art @fwmoa Opening Party: September 14, 6 pm to 9 pm. ————–

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