Elisa Sanchez’s Work Blends Insects and Human Features

by Andy SmithPosted on

Elisa Sanchez integrates notes of the human body into her “paper taxidermy” collection of insects. In a recent installation at Charlotte’s Goodyear Arts, the artist put these recent works against a floral backdrop, part of a showcase following her residency at the space where she developed the latest insects in the series.

“My paper taxidermy collection is titled a(e)nthromology, which references a mash-up of anthropomorphic and entomology,” the artist tells us. “Much of my work centers around the beauty of nature juxtaposed against certain harsher elements (like insects) to create a sense of unease. Just like the title suggests, a(e)nthromology is a collection of insects combined with human features and organs to create not-so-typical creatures. The bugs are made from layers of hand painted paper, displayed to resemble collections of pinned insects.”

Photos of Sanchez’s installation by Logan Cyrus. See more work by the artist below.

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