Nevercrew’s Commentary More Intimate in ‘Incidence’

by Andy SmithPosted on

Nevercrew, comprised of Pablo Togni and Christian Rebecch, is known for murals gracing public walls across the world. Yet, in the gallery work of the duo, seen recently in the show “Incidence” at GCA Gallery in Paris, offers a more intimate view of their socially and globally conscious work. The paintings and sculptures in “Incidence” offer a look at destruction waged against the environment.

“‘Incidence’ of something that could violently or imperceptibly affect the entire environment and our own nature; ‘Incidence’ of light rays coming from the Sun that show us the truth, or coming from sources that can control the visual result; ‘incidence’ of our gazes from our own points of view; “incidence” of and on reality itself; ‘Incidence’ as signs left in time, as simple attestation of life going on, or as warnings,” Nevercrew explained.

See more of the work form the show below.

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