Nathan Reidt’s Mutated Drawings of the Everyday

by Andy SmithPosted on

Philadelphia artist Nathan Reidt crafts scenes in which everyday objects and beings garner growths and mutations. His drawings, in particular, carry a particular eeriness in their starkness, the artist’s abilities with light adding depth to each creation.

“A lot of what is happening in my art right now is roughly based on thoughts of neglect, overgrowth, decay, and our societal definitions of beauty,” the artist told WOW x WOW, which has featured him in multiple group shows. “These are themes that my brain continues to come back to, is fascinated by, and is also tormented by. A simple benign example of this would be someone’s yard, that has been left unmanicured to return to some natural wild state. Is there a specific point where it stops being beautiful?”

See more of his work below.

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