Cleon Peterson Returns With ‘Blood and Soil”

by Andy SmithPosted on

Cleon Peterson’s stark, graphical reflections on our current political and social climate, rendered in acrylics on canvas and sculptures, are part of a show currently running at Over the Influence in Los Angeles. “Blood and Soil” collects his latest tableaux, confronting race, power, and religion. The show runs through Aug. 5 at the gallery. Peterson was last mentioned on here.

“Peterson’s malevolent graphically rendered tableaux are striking and vivid representations in which baleful authoritarian not quite human figures wield weapons, namely nightsticks and guns—paintings of savage, merciless scenes in which powerful men suppress the subjugated through bloodthirsty physical violence,” the gallery says. “This series acts as a warning against and a timely critique of nationalism, populist fervor, economic disparityand autocratic consolidation of power in today’s world.”

See more work for the show below.

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