Boryana Ilieva Recreates Floorplans From Films, TV

by Andy SmithPosted on

Stranger Things

Illustrator/architect Boryana Ilieva recreates the floor plans of her favorite films and TV shows, labeled as a “poetic survey of cinematic architecture.” The project is called “Floor Plan Croissant,” and began three years ago, when the Bulgaria-based artist began “walking backwards the process path of the production designers in films.” Using the structures and architecture provided, she creates a logical floorplan.

“I believe the floor plan of the house shot in a movie is the invisible structure we never see while watching it, but it is always there,” the artist says. “It forms the ghost matrix around which the plot is built. Learning about the floor plans of houses in films gives us new vision towards director’s intentions and hidden messages. When I have the floor plan figured out this means I found my treasure – thoughts, coincidences, common things you might never think about between films, this means I have shortened the distance between me and the director. It all ends with a handmade watercolor 3D representation of the discovery.”

See more of her work below.

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