Ian Ingram’s Stirring Self-Portraits

by Andy SmithPosted on

Whether rendered in charcoal, pastel, or oils, Ian Ingram’s enormous self-portraits are stirring explorations of humanity. The artist blends his realistic drawings with abstraction and surreal notes, yet consistently offers an intimate perspective in each work.

“Ian Ingram’s self-portraits are autobiographical reflections of meaningful events, such as his wedding or the birth of his child; that is, times when a decision or an action changes one’s worldview,” a recent statement says. “Beyond serving as a vehicle to relay his feelings to the outside world, Ingram’s drawings become unflinching windows into his subconscious, and serve as a tool for his own self-reflections and ruminations. His hyper-realistic and intensely emotional self-portraits arrest the viewer with a direct gaze that at times seems almost uncomfortably intimate.”

See more of the artist’s work below.

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