Ben Tolman Returns With ‘New Drawings’

by Andy SmithPosted on

The intricate drawings of Ben Tolman are featured in a new show at Jonathan Levine Projects in New Jersey. “New Drawings” collects works that emphasize the artist’s talents in conveying varying structures, textures, and approaches. The show runs through July 21 at the space. The artist last appeared on this site here.

“Tolman begins each drawing with the rudiments of a spacial concept, be it a modern sky-rise building or back-alley,” a statement says. “With an architect’s precision and MC Escher rule-bending perspective, he constructs multi-leveled stages that are often crumbling and graffitied as the backdrop for human interaction. Found within his scenes are slices of life that show off Tolman’s keen sense for situational humor, such as a barbeque party in a shanty town, a gated hunting ground complete with artificial trees or a sky portal linking to another universe.”

See more work from the show below.

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