Santissimi’s Sculptures Look at Body as ‘Instrument of Understanding’

by Andy SmithPosted on

The duo Santissimi, comprised of artists Sara Renzetti and Antonello Serra, use the body to both examine humanity and use its elements for new creations. While the contortions and dissections would supposedly bring expressions of agony, the tranquility of the subjects implies a greater purpose in these explorations.

“(They) use the body as an instrument of understanding,” a statement says. “From birth until death, its form defines the relationship with space and other beings; its decline is the unit of measurement transforming time into a complex concept. Their research has the melancholy of intimacy when observed at distance. They create meticulously human size sculptures of cruelly flawed, weakened bodies. They are the healthy carriers of emotional deformities; unperturbed faces with closed eyes. The subjects are disturbing but submerged in an unreal tranquility. They have learnt about the existential anxiety overcoming the Kafkian vertigo.”

See more of the artists’ work below.

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