Stacey Rozich’s Folkloric Watercolor Paintings

by Andy SmithPosted on

Stacey Rozich‘s new watercolor paintings are part of a body of work titled “Constellation Applebee’s,” and though it’s packed with folkloric and otherworldly sights, there’s an even more personal edge to her new work. The paintings are collected in the new show named for the series at Showboat Gallery in Los Angeles. She was last featured on the site here.

On Instagram, the artist shares how the piece above relates to the work she’s been doing: “I’ve been plagued with 3 a.m. low-key panic attacks for years and leading up to this solo show they have been really bad,” she wrote. “I usually portray scenarios that don’t have much to do with me; it’s easier to see outside of myself when building my mythologies. Sure there’s always little bits and pieces of me in everything I do, but this one I chose to really dig in to my psyche. I wanted to give a face (or mask, as it were) to my stresses. This piece is a meditation on my anxieties about money, my parent’s health and finances, whether or not I have direction in my work, was what I said last night at that party dumb? Does anyone even like me?”

See more of her work below.

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