Ryan Hewett’s New Experimentations With Form

by Andy SmithPosted on

In Ryan Hewett’s recent works, the painter uses disparate abstract elements to reconstruct the human form. The artist’s works focuses less on the harsh textures of past works, instead introducing new hues and formations into his portraits. The effect is both disconcerting and wholly absorbing.

“Hewett began his career drawing with pencil, eventually graduating from draughtsmanship to oils and developing a highly expressive style with sculptural and textured surface,” a statement from Unit London says. “The heavy impasto can appear modeled rather than brushed and Hewett works with both brush and palette knife, layering and scraping back, describing the face and body of his sitter in terms of shape and structure. His paintings are notable for their flesh tones, and are thick with florid reds and lead white. He works impulsively, without a preliminary sketch or charcoal, beginning by applying paint directly to the surface and working quickly for fear of the oil drying. The result of this style of working is an abstracted and dynamic portrait with great presence and vitality.”

See more of his work below.

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