Federico Infante’s New Figurative Work Collected in ‘The Geography of Hope’

by Andy SmithPosted on

Federico Infante blends the figurative and the abstract in his stirring acrylic paintings. His upcoming show at Hugo Galerie in New York, “The Geography of Hope,” collects a new body of work from the artist. The show begins May 26 and runs through June 17. Infante was last featured on HiFructose.com here.

“The landscape of our lives can be varied, and we are blessed in the moments that we look around and find ourselves surrounded not by fear, anger or despair, but instead immersed in the geography of hope,” the artist says. “Hope can be abstract, and it can be physical. It can be found in ourselves or in others. It can become its own map for our lives or reshape the maps we have always known. Each piece of this show is deeply personal and has its own identity. The essence of this collection draws on my own journey into a geography unknown to me until now. It represents our human need to connect to nature, to each other, and to those wild places within each of us, and all of us, where we hold hope for better things to come.”

See more images from the show below.

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