Akira Beard’s Stirring ‘Life Drawings’ Series

by Andy SmithPosted on

Rendered in crosshatched pen and ink, Akira Beard’s “Life Drawings” carry both an energy nad humanity in each of their vague forms. While the artist’s paintings tend to be more vibrant and abstract, his drawings are vulnerable and more controlled in execution. The artist was last featured on HiFructose.com here.

“Making pictures is one of the earliest memories I recall,” the artist says. “Before learning to write the alphabet I was drawing from my imagination in crayons. And over all the years that followed, there has never been a period where I didn’t continue the practice. I remember for example just after graduating high school and living on my own as a dishwasher with no ambitions in life but to get drunk and high. But when the party was over I would be in the kitchen of a house I didn’t live in, drawing past dawn.” See more of his drawings below.

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