The Submerged, Baroque Photography of Christy Lee Rogers

by Andy SmithPosted on

Photographer Christy Lee Rogers stages her work underwater, alluding to the vibrancy and elaborate elegance of the Baroque period. Her “Hybrids” series, in particular, blends the beauty of submerged human form, plantlife, and textiles. The artist has said that her work questions and finds “understanding in the craziness, tragedy, vulnerability, beauty and power of mankind.”

“A hybrid of human emotion, sensuality and the soft subtle colors and beauty of a flower, Rogers once again focuses on revealing the hope and vulnerability of the human condition through her works,” a statement says. “Her layering of personal watercolor and acrylic paintings into many of the final images, further obscures her original photographic approach and non-conforming style that tests the boundaries and labels of the art world today. Her capacity to excite the senses, while provoking the audience with vivacious movement and purpose, are often compared with the straining and cascading bodies, seasoned with emotion, of the Renaissance and Baroque art movements.”

See more works from the series below.

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