Franco Fasoli’s Sculptures, Paintings Explore the Human Condition

by Andy SmithPosted on

Franco Fasoli, also known as Jaz, is known for creating work that various wildly in scope, whether it’s his public murals or small bronze sculptures. In his gallery-friendly practice, his surreal examinations of the human condition and culture pack that humor and vibrancy in intimate doses.

“The tension between the global, dominant culture, and the subcultures as a space of resistance, has been the subject of study in his work, both at the conceptual level and in his actions throughout his career,” a statement says. “The multiple forms of individual and collective identity are the backbone of the artist’s sociological influence. Being represented through conflict, confrontation and discursive juxtaposition, Fasoli does not intend to answer the question, but rather to constantly redesign the proposal, to question the questioning and to go back to questioning himself.”

See more of the artist’s work below.

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