The Dreamlike Figures of Lukifer Aurelius

by Andy SmithPosted on

The oil paintings of Lukifer Aurelius carry a surreal and mystic energy, its subjects often in a transformative state. The Brisbane artist is part of a new duo show with Alex Garant at BeinArt Gallery in Australia titled “Seeing Between,” running through May 27. The gallery says that the painter’s figures are “seemingly infused with fire or, at the very least, embers, striking a chord with perhaps our most primitive memories.”

“Working mainly with oils, Lukifer creates surreal, multi-figure compositions that serve as personal meditations on the plurality of individuality, as well as on the individual relationship to the unknown and the unknowable that underpins our experience of the world,” Beinart Gallery says. “With a primarily intuitive process of ideation, the artist embraces the ambiguous character of each visual element and its place within a scene, aiming to allow for dynamic layers of tension and harmony to arise.”

See more of his work below.

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