Ban Ban 1194’s Poetic, Mythological Illustrations

by Andy SmithPosted on

Ban Ban 1194’s stirring illustrations offer massive mythological integrated into the landscape. The artist effectively adds a pops of red hues, often solely represented by solitary human-sized figures, in the series “Double happiness.” The poetic works are offered accompanying text with a similar tone, in this case: “The hut provided a shelter from the storm.”

For the artist’s recent work, under the title Twilight for the Gods, towering figures once again loom over landscapes, carrying this accompanying text: “The inspiration came from a bleak and stirring tune, the Last of the Mohicans. A man dressed in Indian kneels on the street. A tune contains the birth, rise and fall of a civilization. It’s like life, lowly, our life is from the climax to the end. From the original ambition, it has become a hero in the twilight years, sitting watching the sunset, waiting for the demise of life.”

See more recent work below.

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