Francisco Moreno’s Immersive ‘Chapel’ Painting Installation

by Andy SmithPosted on

Mexico City-born artist Francisco Moreno has created a painting installation titled “The Chapel,” with the interior of the structure crafted in pencil, vine charcoal pencil, and acrylic. The installation is part of is part of the show “The Chapel and Accompanying Works” at Erin Cluley Gallery in Dallas, running through May 19.

“The Chapel engages the past while making a new mark, using an iconic structure as the foundation for Moreno’s large-scale painting project,” a statement says. “Inside The Chapel, imagery is painted from a collapsed archive that draws on a range of works significant to the history and practice of painting, sculpture, architecture and other cultural producers. The imagery is painted in a collage-type manner, integrating processes that cross cultural borders and recognize Moreno’s transnational heritage as a Mexican born American citizen. Influenced by ideas of the Baroque aesthetics, The Chapel creates an experience of temporality marked by the themes of novelty, variety, and multiplicity.”

See more pieces of the installation and the show below.

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