Inside the ‘Alien Glamour’ of Salvia

by Andy SmithPosted on

Combining disciplines in make-up effects, costuming, and digital manipulation, Salvia has amassed an enormous following with what’s been labeled as “alien glamour.” The Wales native’s work has primarily lived on Instagram, where the artist’s work has become more fantastical over the past two years. From this outlet, collaborations have sprung with the likes of photographer Nick Knight and jeweler Chrishabana.

Salvia’s work has garnered attention from a variety of media outlets, from Vice to Vogue. The latter had this to say on the artist: “Like many personalities of Instagram, Salvia does receive a barrage of comments, some mean, some confused, and some positive. Salvia, who is a trans woman, notes the following: ‘Whenever someone has something loving or kind to say I appreciate it so much, but negative and immature reactions are just one of the many signs of the ignorance and trans-misogyny that is still vastly present in society.’”

See more of her recent posts below.

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