The Recent Theatrical Works of Michael Kvium

by Andy SmithPosted on

Michael Kvium’s strange, theatrical figures can rarely be confined to a single canvas or container. Taking a cynical eye toward political and social issues, the artist uses the grotesque and the unexpected to put a lens on the Western world. His newer works move between startling sculpture and multi-panel pieces.

“With sharp irony and a coarse sense of humour, Kvium uncovers the absurdities of our society,” a statement from the show “Cirkus Europa” says. “The exhibition mainly focuses on issues such as tourism, entertainment, news, the refugee crisis, war and climate. He depicts the political stage and our everyday lives as one big circus act. His paintings are inhabited by tragicomic circus performers who entertain the viewer with their ignorant and morbid tricks. This enables Kvium to draw us into the circus ring, into the midst of lunacy and madness.”

See more of his recent work below.

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