Koralie Shows New Work in ‘Indigo Blood Project’

by Andy SmithPosted on

Koralie’s interest in “folk customs, emblematic monuments and animistic ritual” translates into stencil work on canvas that evokes cultures from across the world and creates illusionary layers. In a show currently running at Jonathan Levine Projects, titled “Indigo Blood Project,” the artist’s newest works are shown. Koralie was featured in Hi-Fructose Vol. 46 and most recently on the Hi-Fructose blog here.

“Koralie wishes to pay tribute to nature with this exhibition and perfected a stencil technique that she defines as a new language of creation,” a statement says. “She begins by designing her patterns digitally and then produces laser cut stencils, allowing her to create perfectly symmetrical compositions. Then, as if to imitate nature, she integrates imperfections by improvising with splashes, drips and smears of paint, giving life to the painting through texture. Similar to a kaleidoscope, her work provides an element of kinetic illusion, prompting viewers to let their eyes wander the canvas as if under hypnosis.”

The show runs through April 29. See more work from “Indigo Blood Project” below.


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