Painter Nigel Cox’s Sparse, Solitary Scenes

by Andy SmithPosted on

Nigel Cox’s sparse scenes pit realistic figures against vague or turbulent backdrops. The solitude exhibited in these oil paintings may recall the work of artists like Brett Armory, with entirely different approaches to environment.

“With a love of solitude, developing thought provoking narratives and in capturing fleeting moments in the life of a solitary figures, Nigel’s work draws influences from a multitude of inspirations, from the Dutch Masters to the Surrealists, the landscapes of the Transglobe Expedition and modern culture, with an appreciation for a refined technique that invokes the past but with a contemporary edge,” a statement says.

The artist is based in London, though he grew up in the town of Dundalk in Ireland. He attributes his minimalist tendencies to his time as part of the Transglobe Expedition team “circumnavigated the globe, via both poles, by land, sea and ice, with Sir Ranulph Fiennes.” See more of the artist’s work below.

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