Rebecca Morgan’s Humorous, Unsettling Ceramic Heads

by Andy SmithPosted on

In Rebecca Morgan’s ceramics work, her surreal and humorous sensibility is at its most visceral. Her sculptural work often takes the form out of unsettling, yet enchanting heads, carrying exaggerated features and expressions.

A statement maintains that part of the artist’s work comes from regional inspiration: “Rebecca Morgan is from central Pennsylvania, and her paintings, drawings, and ceramics emanate from stereotypes of rural Appalachia,” it says. “Humorous, benevolent, and savage at turns, her characters touch on truths about poverty, addiction, and off-the-grid living, as well as idealizations of uncultured country life. Stylistically, Morgan embraces hyper-detailed naturalism, influenced by Dutch painters such as Memling, Brueghel, and Van Eyck, as well as absurd, repulsive caricature suggestive of underground cartoonists like R.Crumb.”

See more of her ceramics below.

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