Stephanie Corr Gartanutti’s Whimsical Wire Sculptures

by Andy SmithPosted on

Stephanie Corr Gartanutti started as a painter, but after multiple sclerosis had diminished her fine motor skills for a period, she began to use sculpting as method to both create and cope. Each of her figures begins with a single piece of wire, and then “the wire is cut, shaped and fastened to itself. Then repeated again and again. Later in the process the wire will be woven through until it becomes a substantial object, that can be further manipulated and cut into shape.”

“Weaving and manipulating wire into figures became therapeutic as well as gratifying,” the artist says. “The metal is a natural medium for the subject matter being conveyed and became my sole focus for the last two decades.”

The artist studied at School of the Visual Arts in New York and the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. See more of her work below.

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