Designer Iris van Herpen’s Kinetic Fashion Art

by Andy SmithPosted on

Dutch designer Iris van Herpen creates apparel that can appear both organic or frozen in movement, whether her fashion art emulates a splash of water or writhing, tentacle-like forms. Herpen’s versatility in shown in how her pieces seemed ripped out of varying eras.

“If I were to use one word to describe my work, it would be movement as one of the most influential things in my life has been my classical ballet practice,” the designer says. “Through dance I learned about the seduction of movement, the transformation of the body and the ‘evolution’ of shape. Those years taught me how to shift shape and were the birth of my interest in fashion.”

The artist is also known for collaborations with the like of Bjork and Beyonce. Seven years ago, TIME named her 3D-printed dresses in its 50 Best Inventions list.

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