Light Explored in Arthouse1’s ‘The Sky’s Gone Out’

by Andy SmithPosted on

John Greenwood

In a new show at Arthouse1 London, the artistic element of light is explored through a collection of artists who utilize the source in different ways. “The Sky’s Gone Out” features the work of Vasilis Avramidis, Gordon Cheung, Sean Dawson, Bella Easton, John Greenwood, Chris Hawtin, Rui Matsunaga, John Stark and Mimei Thompson. (The show was curated by Easton and Hawtin.)

Gordon Cheung

Sean Dawson

Vasilis Avramidis

Rui Matsunaga

John Stark

“Borrowing the title from the eighties music band Bauhaus, Easton and Hawtin use the title paradoxically to ask the questions, ‘Where would we be without natural light, and do we even need it nowadays?’” a statement says, “querying if our relationship to light is now not just located in the global geographic territories of night and day, but how electric lighting illuminates at our whim, ensuring that we are no longer tied to the diurnal cycle. The light we recognise now may not be from the external geo-space but from the internal, introspective light of the screens that accompany us everywhere. The light of the sun, the original primary light source, has now even become a problem we need to control in order to better view the new light we have created. This exhibition explores how our relationship to light in the world has been affected by these changes and how painters have responded to these new optical conditions.”

See more of the work below.

Mimei Thompson

Bella Easton

Chris Hawtin

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