Erik Parker Offers New Paintings in ‘New Mood’

by Andy SmithPosted on

Pop, outsider art, comic books, graffiti art, and other influences are blended in the striking paintings of Erik Parker. Mary Boone Gallery currently has a new show from the artist, titled “New Mood.” The artist is able to offer a mix of formats and approaches in this collection, from his widely known canvas works to his multi-layered “pyramids” and “plank paintings.” Parker was last mentioned on here.

A statement offers some insight into the pyramids, which are “a hallucinatory postcard view of Giza”: “The conspicuous stone courses are rendered as bands of interspersed painted and collaged elements. Tanks, aliens, Rasta men, clouds, Shirley MacLaine, hi-fi stereos, vines, waves, Miss Piggy, and Mr. Potato Head, all make an appearance in these captivating sub-narratives. Each pyramid too is emblazoned with its title: Feelin Lucky, Hood Wink, Shake Down, phrases that have become part of the contemporary global vernacular.”

The show runs through April 21. See more works from the show below.

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