Amy Sol’s Whimsical Oil Paintings Return in ‘Bird of Flux’

by Andy SmithPosted on

Korean-born, Nevada-based artist Amy Sol offers a new body of works at Thinkspace Gallery this month, under the title “Bird of Flux.” The painter’s whimsical, dreamlike works look at “themes of transition, adventure, and adaptation.” The show features both oil paintings and sculptures, which carry the soft textures and fantastical elements of the panel works to three dimensions.

“Sol’s graphic and illustrative inspirations are drawn from enduring collective influences,” a statement says. “Everything from animation to decorative design makes an appearance in her esoterically stylized worlds. Influenced by Japanese manga and the whimsy of Ghibli films, as well as the idyllic natural worlds of classic-era Disney and the Golden Age of turn-of-the-century American Illustration, Sol Incorporates references to varied cultural and folkloric embodiments of the feminine.”

The show runs through March 24 at the gallery. See more of its works below.

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