Robert Proch’s Dynamic Acrylic Paintings

by Andy SmithPosted on

Robert Proch‘s acrylic paintings blend abstraction and the figurative, injecting an energy to scenes from the everyday. The Poland native has been able to craft his own visual language with this approach, which he takes to both the canvas and exterior walls across the world. He was last mentioned on here.

“The art of Robert Proch is an experiment of the imagination,” Proch says. “He creates impressive visions, contemporary landscapes, half-way between abstraction and figuration. The artist draws inspiration from daily life events and the urban environment that he reduces to their essential elements to create a geometric vision in which the human figure is suspended in a complex and fragmented world. Like in a deconstructed and metaphorical architecture, the final visual appearance of his images is characterized by an inspiring unpredictability and a controlled chaos.”

See more works by Proch below.

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