Jean-Pierre Roy’s New, Stirring Scenes

by Andy SmithPosted on

Jean-Pierre Roy’s new body work evolves his stirring, rich paintings, which blend geometric abstraction and figurative scenes. Recent works will be shown at the VOLTA NY fair, running in New York City from March 7-11. (Roy was the cover artist for Hi-Fructose Vol. 37.) In a statement, the show says that Roy “will continue to place figures in an optically loaded environment, allowing for the entropic confusion of historical painting tropes, non-spaciotemporal geometry, and figurative drama to play out against an arid, dystopian landscape.”

“The iconography of 17th and 18th century landscape painting serves as the common psychological anchor that the figures in the paintings use to coordinate their attempts to bridge the divide of their diverging reference frames,” a statement says. “In the paintings, art itself transcends human narrative and the objective reality, to become something transcendent of both.”

See more recent works from the artist below.

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