Exclusive Air Freshener by Craig Gleason for Hi-Fructose Subscribers

by Andy SmithPosted on

Scare away unpleasant odors (and people) with the Hi-Fructose subscriber-exclusive air-freshening Ghoul by Craig Gleason. We’re please to announce that all existing subscribers and the next 500 subscribers will receive this peach-smelling bad guy with Hi-Fructose Vol. 47. The freshener is made by the fine horrible people at Rubbish Rubbish.

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Gleason’s drawings of Bad Guys are featured in our current issue. The Ghoul’s notoriety has grown as he’s been emblazoned on shirts and stickers, has his own Halloween mask, and has appeared in vinyl toy form through merchandiser Justin Ishmael. New figures of The Ghoul quickly sell out. Yet, even with that exposure, the actual backstory of the character remains a mystery. Gleason’s considered giving his characters a comic, with a defined backdrop and narrative. But the enigmatic nature of his “creeps” has become more and more of an advantage. “The person looking at the drawing gets to make up their own idea of what the goon’s deal is,” Gleason says. “I try and make every drawing cool enough to not need any real, solid context. You can tell they’ve been places and have done bad things along the way. I almost feel like the lack of story is what makes it appealing to a wide range of people.”

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