The Fantastical New Drawings of Ethan Murrow

by Andy SmithPosted on

The fantastical graphite drawings of Ethan Murrow have a sense of both realism and absurdism in how they examine the Western experience. In particular, Murrow has a fascination with discovery and reckoning with the world around us. Murrow was last featured on here.

“Many of the photographs, paintings, and films that deal with the early history of the United States are saturated with ideas of false hope and impossible perfection,” the artist writes. “The Country is particularly good at rendering a vision of itself that conveniently edits out the messy, unwanted and uncomfortable truths of our past. … Through a mash up of images, I hope to cut away at the neat and tidy narrative of progress and domination and create moments that deal with the abundant misinformation, deep confusion, genuine absurdity and billowing mass that has always kept this Country on its toes.”

See more of Murrow’s work below.

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