John Bisbee Exclusively Manipulates Nails in Sculptures

by Andy SmithPosted on

John Bisbee, who welds and manipulates 12-inch spikes, has always operated under one mantra: “Only nails, always different.” In recent pieces, his diverse output bends the nails into an enormous snake, a tree, and more abstract forms. Not only are the subjects depicted varying wildly, but the style in which the nails comprise them: sometimes rigid and geometric, elsewhere chaotic.

“In his new works, Bisbee reconfigures this relationship through diminishing scale, collage, line and narrative,” a recent statement says. “There is now an immediacy to the notion of mutation as a dominant element. His work always is rooted in the materiality of nails and common spikes, but in this new body of work the steel is bent to create vivid and elegant abstractions such as ‘Infinity Pool’ and ‘Common Mirage.’”

See more works from the artist’s below.

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