Amy Cutler’s Surreal Scenes Offer Views on Womanhood

by Andy SmithPosted on

Amy Cutler’s gouache narratives explore womanhood and the Western experience through surrealism and icons of domestication. The Poughkeepsie-artist plays with pattern and texture in these scenes, pulled from both contemporary design and historical fashions. Her work has been shown in solo shows from New York to Stockholm.

“Each work is a small world in which remarkable events take place,” a past statement says. “They always contain women with unusual styles of dress and fantastic plot devices. They spring from the rich imagination of the artist and her relationship with the rest of the world. Perhaps this is why the figures in each of these worlds are almost always women. They seem to live their lives in extraordinary circumstances with composure and poise. They may not know this, but they are the heroes in their own stories.”

See more of her work below.

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