Trevor Knapp’s Linocut Scenes Toy With Texture, Shadow

by Andy SmithPosted on

Trevor Knapp’s linocut prints use texture and value to create absorbing scenes. The process, in which artists cut pieces away from a sheet of linoleum and use the design to create ink prints, takes on a ghostly quality at the hands of Knapp. Shadows and mystery tend to play major roles in series like “Memories of a Metropolis.”

On his website, the offer his own take on his work: “I’m Trevor Knapp, a printmaker and draftsman of sorts … Attempts to describe my work have gone from various incoherent ramblings to some concise looking sentences, followed with changing subjects after discussion of stick figures.”

The artist’s practice also includes charcoal, pastel, and pencil. See more the artist’s work below.

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