Dominik Schmitt’s Multi-Layered Narratives

by Andy SmithPosted on

Dominik Schmitt’s oil and acrylic paintings carry flashes of dark surrealism, clinical diagrams, and a provocative, humorous sensibility. The German painter’s use of text, often paired with specific elements of a work or buried under abstraction, add another layer of intrigue to each strange narrative. The artist’s work has been shown across Europe.

“For me, the main-concept of art in general is honesty,” the artist has said, according to So Bad So Good. “Artists should do what they feel. They should express what they are, not what the audience wants to see or what is sellable on the art market. In my opinion this is the most important thing in art – so it’s the concept that lead me to my own way of art.”

See more of his recent work below.

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