David Mesguich’s Faceted, Dramatic Public Sculptures

by Andy SmithPosted on

There’s a tradition in the faceted approach to depicting figures that goes further back than than the pop designs of Tim Biskup or the vibrant multimedia works of Okuda. David Mesguich’s large public sculptures add to the contemporary side of this approach, with dramatic pieces that use light and shadows in unexpected and enormous ways. The sculpture below plays on the artist’s past work as a graffiti artist and self-professed “vandal,” using recycled plastic from street advertisements.

“In a obsessional way David travels cities and develops an atypical mapping by focusing his interest for all which, in those spaces of passage separates and divides up,” a statement says. “For more than 15 years it’s by the addicting exercise of graffiti that he investigated the subject. Today, it’s by drawing and by monumental installations in-situ that he re-appropriates some parcels of those aseptic territories.”

See more of his works below.

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