Dan Lydersen’s New, Suburban Explorations

by Andy SmithPosted on

Dan Lydersen’s vibrant, yet disconcerting explorations take a look at the Western experience through the lens of childhood. His oil paintings often specifically look at suburbia, whether through a dystopic landscape packed with its icons or through a contemporary filter. Lydersen was last mentioned on HiFructose.com here.

“Lydersen combines a variety of calculated references to art history and contemporary culture with free association and improvisation, resulting in an array of improbable scenes that are at once coherent and confounding,” a recent statement says. “The characters inhabiting Lydersen’s canvases appear to be the cumulative nightmares of a suburban dystopia. There is rarely a portrayal of an adult figure, and when they do appear, they are isolated, hidden, or barely seen. The focus on children makes the disturbing events that much more distressing.”

See more of his recent work below.

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