Aec Interesni Kazki’s Latest Surreal Paintings in New Show

by Andy SmithPosted on

Ukrainian artist Aec Interesni Kazki, combining influences of “science, religion, mythology, cosmology, myths and times past,” comes to San Francisco for a new show at Mirus Gallery. The paintings in “The Earth Is Flat” are packed with surreal scenes and otherworldly surprises. The show kicks off Jan. 19 and runs through Feb. 10.

The artist is known for both his public mural work and his gallery paintings and drawings. “Through his striking artworks, Aec shows an amazing artistic ability to transform abandoned or natural environments into allegorical and figurative artworks without using direct imaginary, so people can understand it free, in their own way, according to their own imagination,” a statement says. “He considers a creation of art as ‘an opportunity to understand mystical reasons of The Universe’ as well as to rediscover topics that range from science and history to religion and myths in his own way.”

See more work from the artist’s new show below.

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