Sean Landers Explores the ‘Artist’s Consciousness’ in Paintings

by Andy SmithPosted on

Artist Sean Landers blends varying styles in his paintings, using both surrealism and references to art history to toy with the viewers’ expectations. The artist uses sculpture, photography, drawing, and other approaches to accomplish this, yet in his paintings, he takes a particularly surreal approach to reveal “the process of artistic creation through humor and confession, gravity and pathos.”

“He blurs the lines between fact and fiction, reality and fantasy, sincerity and insincerity, while presenting a portrait of the artist’s consciousness,” a statement says. “The twin strategies of personal material and formal multiplicity allow him to infiltrate his viewers’ consciousness with raw truths about contemporary society, and the art world in particular. A collateral effect is the viewers’ identification with the artist, which allows for a deeper understanding of their humanity.”

The artist, based in New York City, has been shown in Los Angeles, Tokyo, Brussels, and beyond. See more work by the artist below.

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