Firelei Baez’s Stirring, New Meditations on Femininity

by Andy SmithPosted on

Firelei Baez blends an array of techniques and materials to explore culture and femininity. Often using the figurative form as a base, she subverts the viewers’ expectations by implementing several textures, patterns, and materials. The artist says that her massive, meticulously crafted works on paper are “intrinsically indebted to a rigorous studio practice.” Baez was last mentioned on here.

“Through a convergence of interest in anthropology, science fiction, black female subjectivity and women’s work,” a statement says. “Her art explores the humor and fantasy involved in self-making within diasporic societies, which have an ability to live with cultural ambiguities and use them to build psychological and even metaphysical defenses against cultural invasions.”

The artist, born in the Dominican Republic, currently lives and creates in New York Ciy. See more recent work from the artist below.

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