The Textile Dissections of Sabine Feliciano

by Andy SmithPosted on

The textile work of Sabine Feliciano may recall a past biology class for some, as her “dissections” of animals play with the vibrant and textural possibilities of the form. Her “Wild Textile World” takes us inside varying creatures of the natural world. And each takes the traditionally gruesome and adds something new, even lighthearted, to these explorations.

“Mixing techniques to give another look at needlework,” the artist says, in a statement, “I search materials, transforming them again or using their story as a frame. Transcribing a sensation is the main driver of my work. Mixing the fibers, torturing the cup I caress the thread of life to create an emotion. A process that goes from dyeing to weaving. Fabric, crochet and embroidery will be embellished with pearls and pebbles to give birth to a unique object.”

See more of her work below.

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