Beverly Mayeri’s Figurative, Ceramic Canvases

by Andy SmithPosted on

Beverly Mayeri’s ceramic figurative sculptures become canvases for surreal scenes and surprises. The Bay Area artist also uses this opportunity to make connections between humanity the broader world around us—as well as more abstract concepts. In a statement, she explains her process and influences:

“I’m inspired by a range of ideas like the challenge and comfort of family ties and friendships, the trials and delights of growing up and growing older, the beauty and diversity of the world and our immediate need to be better stewards of the earth,” the artist says. “My approach is to search for a visual metaphor that expresses what I’m feeling. The best ideas are a complete surprise to me. They don’t come out of a logical process but from a form of daydreaming that sometimes gives me a new way of looking at my life and what’s happening around me.”

See more of Mayeri’s work below.

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