Vitaly Tsarenkov’s Deceptive, 8-Bit-Influenced Gallery Works, Murals

by Andy SmithPosted on

Vitaly Tsarenkov takes visual cues from 8-bit console games and early 3D animation yet crafts paintings on canvas, murals, and sculptures. The Russian artist transitioned from primarily graffiti work under the moniker SY to major gallery shows and crafting murals for festivals across the world. The artist’s works are held in private collections in France, Morocco, Russia, and beyond. The below works are acrylic paintings.

“A combination of liberal and technical thinking finds expression in artist’s systems approach,” a statement says. “His figurative method form around a thought-out working algorithm with consciously given stylistic limitations. Images and objects are refracted through a geometric prism of artistic view and get a new structural shape. Straight lines delineate polygons and build a faceted framework. Stepped gradation of light and shade conveys the depth and volume to depicted figures.”

See more of his recent work below.

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