The Unsettling Sculptures of Fiona Roberts

by Andy SmithPosted on

Fiona Roberts crafts unsettling sculptures that insert human body parts into unlikely places. Whether its drapes, wallpaper, or closely placed pillows, the Australian artist’s work adds a ghostly quality to the objects that surround us. In a past statement, the artist offers insight into why she approaches her practice with this sensibility:

“My work focuses on the challenges we face by inhabiting a body that is constantly changing, decaying and regenerating, as well as the fragility and limitations that are intrinsic to all living organisms,” the artist says. “Within this, I explore the dysfunctional relationship between the mind and body, and in particular, the mind’s discordant perception of the body, which includes concepts of dislocation, emotional projection, fluctuating perceptions, fears, phobias and paranoia. Thus, with the body set as a canvas for trauma, my work becomes a series of flesh events that are visceral, tactile and faintly haunting.”

See more of her work below.

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