Brett Ferry Toys With Materials, Realities

by Andy SmithPosted on

The paintings of Brett Ferry, created using acrylics and oil on board, defy in both materials used and the components depicted. The blending of vibrant abstractions and natural forms feel like clashes of realities. The Australian artist’s works may deceive and appear as digital paintings, yet this simply part of the author’s charge.

“Brett Ferry’s paintings challenge the tradition of landscape, teasing at viewers’ perceptions and stimulating the imagination,” a statement says. “His bold use of colour, blend and unique style are both confronting and beautiful. His most recent work explores the ‘post-digital landscape’ derived from observation, photography and digital manipulation. Using a variety of techniques, Ferry places high importance on traditional acts of drawing, printmaking and painting.”

Melbourne artist Brett Ferry Ferry is a graduate of both the Victorian College of the Arts and the University of Melbourne.

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